A family of learning with high academic achievement.

Thandimfundo Schools

A Family of Learning
with High Academic Achievement.

Thandimfundo Schools' is a student-focused private school providing broad-based learning approaches and innovative learning experiences at an affordable cost.

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Innovative, Modern,
Inquiry-led & Intellectually challenging.


Offering a unique educational experience for students aged 18 months - Grade 7.

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Early Years Centre

At Thandimfundo Schools, our Early Years Centre encourages play and curiosity in our youngest students. Our Nursery School is situated in a secure, dedicated space where the children learn to become independent and build their confidence.

Our unique international Early Years curriculum combined with our highly personalised approach to teaching, gives our youngest students the perfect foundation to unlock their learning potential every step of the way.

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Primary School Education

Our Primary School is built on the principles of a 'Responsive Classroom'. It creates a safe, joyful and challenging learning environment for every child and is known for its teacher effectiveness and higher student achievement.

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/ Early Years Centre Classes
Fun and stimulating
hands-on experiences.

At Thandimfundo Schools, help children develop the ability to be creative, independent thinkers, and problem solvers through fun and stimulating hands-on experiences that celebrate individual abilities and talents.

Group 2  

Our group 2 class is filled with activities aimed at providing opportunities to explore and discover using all senses.

R1800 per month
Group 3

Our group 3 classes provides our young students with the ability to explore their own ideas and creativity.

R1700 per month
Group 4

Our Group 4 classes help children develop and become creative thinkers and independent problem solvers.

R1700 per month
Grade RR

Our Grade RR class is full of laughter, play, music, and open-air activities which stimulate our student’s natural curiosity.

R1700 per month
Grade R

Our Grade R's continue learning through play, exploration, and lessons gradually prepare them for Grade 1.

R1800 per month
/ Primary School classes
Lessons that are both stimulating and fun.

Thandimfundo Primary School is a collaborative learning environment in which children truly thrive. We nurture optimism, kindness, playfulness and personal growth; and we believe kids are capable of all these things, and more, from an early age.

Grade 1

Our Grade 1 class encourages students to work independently and together as they explore a range of lessons.

R2000 per month
Grade 2

Our Grade 2 class fosters development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement.

R2000 per month
Grade 3

Our Grade 3 class experiences the most meaningful changes to their social and emotional development in their lives up to this point.

R2000 per month
Grade 4

Our Grade 4 class fosters interdisciplinary education, as students are exposed to 6 subjects. Students start learning skills that equip them for High School.

R2100 per month
Grade 5

In our Grade 5 class builds on the interdisciplinary approach of fourth grade, Thandimfundo Students delve deeper and continue to reach great heights.

R2200 per month
Grade 6

Our Grade 6's use class concepts and curriculum that draw students into an active experience where he/she finds their best individual experience.

R2300 per month
Grade 7

Our Grade 7 class is the capstone year. It is the year where the final piece of architecture is placed to complete the arch of who these kids have become through the Thandimfundo experience.

R2400 per month
Preparing your child for a lifelong journey of learning.
Thandimfundo Schools' offer a secure environment where children learn to work in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

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Every single child in our care enjoys a warm, safe, stimulating education that will prove to be a critical foundation for their lifetime love of learning.