Primary Education

Our Primary curriculum follows the CAPS curriculum, enriched with a world-leading, future-focused approach to education which nurtures young students and helps them develop into active, inquiring participants in a lifelong journey of learning.

About the Program

The Primary curriculum places your child at its heart: all lessons, programmes and learning experiences are designed to meet their individual needs. By learning through inquiry and continual reflection, students develop the skills, knowledge and conceptual understandings to make a difference in their own lives, their communities and beyond. Focusing on intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth, international mindedness is cultivated and students are encouraged to take meaningful action.

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Your child’s teachers create a rich and stimulating environment where they’ll develop their language and literacy skills, too. Engaging experiences will develop their interest in reading with fluency, accuracy, understanding, and enjoyment.

Grade 1

As children move from Early Years into Grade 1, we aim to build upon the skills learned in Grade R

R2000 pm

Grade 2

Grade 2 is when we work with pupils to build on skills, create opportunities to become independent and confident.

R2000 pm

Grade 3

The learning process in Grade 3 focuses on individualized student needs and extends academic expectations.


Grade 4

In Grade 4, students start having, eight classes in their rotating schedule, with around five classes per day.


Grade 5

Grade 5 plays an important role in learning, our students explore a range of real-world problems and are encouraged to make connections in their learning.


Grade 6

Our Grade 6 students benefit from specialist teachers in visual arts, music, dance, drama, languages and personal, social and physical health and education.


Grade 7

Our Grade 7 class offers an environment for children to acquire and develop skills, knowledge and understanding that they will need for a successful transition to High School.

R2400 pm

Why choose our program

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Academic Excellence

At Thandimfundo, our students pursue their interests and strengths in every area, be it academics, performing arts, languages, athletics or STEAM.

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Well-Equipped Facilities

Our campuses are dynamic, vibrant space, where every classroom is equipped with advanced technology that brings education to life.

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Best Teachers

Outstanding teachers make outstanding schools. We select the most passionate, experienced educators and give them exceptional PD opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you admit students throughout the year?

Thandimfundo Schools offers rolling admissions, meaning we enrol students all through the school year. Our teachers are used to settling in students at short notice, and we provide a full onboarding service helping students integrate into their relevant year group, make friends and catch up on where they need to be in the curriculum.

What curriculum do you follow?

At Thandimfundo Schools, we follow the CAPS curriculum, enriched with world-renowned education programmes which provide students with a vast array of essential skills, sure to turn them into lifelong lovers of learning!

Do you offer co-curricular activities?

Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of clubs and activities. We encourage all students to get involved in the programme and discover how to channel their interests in an energetic way.

Do you offer after school care?

We do! After school care is available to Primary students from 15:00pm – 17:30pm. Do note that there is a charge for this service.